口语中总想不起怎么说的英文  (2011-07-15 16:47)

low  key 低调

I’ve been back and forth.我犹豫不定。   

squeezed juice 鲜榨的果汁  
juice with pulp 带果肉的果汁   

side effect 副作用   

he can’t come to the phone now.他现在不能接电话   

herbal tea 花草茶   

ready for a refill?我再给你倒一杯吧?  
I love what u have done with this place.我喜欢这里的布置。  
what was tonight?今晚本来要做什么?   

I can’t feel my hands.我手麻了。   

have an affair 外遇   

will anyone miss me if i weren’t here?我在不在这里有什么区别吗?   

I saw a lot of stuff.我大开眼界了  

call security 通知警卫   

dog walker 遛狗的人  

does sth. mean squat to u?对你来说sth狗屁不是吗?   

what’s up with the greedy?怎么这么贪啊?   

work an extra shift 多轮一班   

go on, i dare u!有种你就去!   

u r a freak!你这个变态!   

I sensed it was u.我感觉到是你了、   

I apologize on behalf of him.我替他道歉。   

why are u changing the subject?为什么要转移话题?   

this is so meant to be!这就是天意!   

there’s no need to place blame.没有指责的必要。   

curling iron 卷发机   

it’s gonna leave a stain。这要留印子的。   

I have part of the fault.我也有责任。   

distract her with a doll 拿娃娃哄她开心   

they are all well received 收到的反响都很好   

talk u up 说你的好话   

stand firm to 努力坚持   

I was just leering 我只是用余光看看   

organize my thoughts 整理思绪   

get a little preoccupied 事先有事   

no way to recover 没有掩饰的机会了  
bouncy 活泼   

Intern 实习生   


drug dealer 毒贩子   

admire your candor你还真胆大  
we are rolling摄像机正在拍摄  

go through this stack 看看这一叠   

r u spying on me?你监视我?   

just messing with u!跟你开玩笑呢!  
enough is enough!闹够了   

flyers 寻人(物)海报   

it’s insensitive of me。我这么做很伤人   

u don’t have to be brag。拽什么啊?  
nod along 跟着点头   

a totally separate subject 完全题外话   

I thought it was the other way around 我以为是反过来的   

close my account 注销银行卡   

cuff him 把他铐起来   

Woody,tingly 痒  
creep me out 雷死我了   

no peeking不要偷看啊   

sneakbite kit毒蛇解药   

I feel wild today 我今天好亢奋!   

I’m kind of beat 我有点累了   

my ears r ringing so bad.我耳鸣得厉害。  
can u get the door?你能去开门吗 ?  

make a huge fool of myself出了洋相
r u mocking me?你嘲笑我?   

hatrack 草包 beyond crap 那是扯淡   

any luck?找到了吗?   

don’t u rush me.别催我!   

it doesn’t count.那不算。  
she’s gonna be crushed.她会崩溃的。  
she’s healed.她好了。(病或者伤害)   

goose bumps 鸡皮疙瘩   

overreact 反应过度   

patch things up with sb.和某人修复关系   

pierce my ears 打耳洞   

corss that off my list 从单子上划掉   

how did it go?怎么样?   

present an award 颁奖   

natural charisma 天生丽质   

cut him some slack 放他一马   

get over with 忘记   

get in line排队(everybody get in line)大家排好队   

I don’t have the energy for this我没有能力应付这个   

you got me.你还真问住我了   
Thousand times no! 绝对办不到!  

Easy does it. 慢慢来。   

Don’t push me. 别逼我。

Have a good of it.玩的很高兴。   

What is the fuss? 吵什么?

Still up? 还没睡呀?
It doesn’t make any differences. 没关系。

Don’t let me down. 别让我失望。   

God works. 上帝的安排。  

Don’t take ill of me. 别生我气。  
Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗?  

Don’t  latter me. 过奖了。   

Big mouth! 多嘴驴!  

Sure thing! 当然!   

I’’m going to go. 我这就去。
Never mind. 不要紧。   

Can-do. 能人。  

Close-up. 特写镜头。   

Drop it! 停止!   

Bottle it! 闭嘴!  
Don’t play possum! 别装蒜!   

There is nobody by that name working here.这里没有这个人。
Break rues. 反规则。    

How big of you! 你真棒!   

Poor thing! 真可怜!    

Nuts! 呸;胡说;混蛋   

Make it up! 不记前嫌!  
Watch you mouth. 注意言辞。  
Any urgent thing? 有急事吗?
Don’t over do it. 别太过分了。  
Can you dig it? 你搞明白了吗?
You want a bet? 你想打赌吗?  
What if I go for you? 我替你去怎么样?  
Who wants? 谁稀罕?   

Follow my nose. 凭直觉做某事。    

Gild the lily. 画蛇添足。   

I’ll be seeing you. 再见。   

I wonder if you can give me a lift? 能让我搭一程吗?   

I might hear a pin drop. 非常寂静。  
Why are you so sure? 怎么这样肯定?   

Is that so? 是这样吗?    

Don’t get loaded. 别喝醉了。

Don’t get high hat. 别摆架子。
Right over there. 就在那里。  
Doggy bag. 打包袋。  
That rings a bell. 听起来耳熟。  
Sleeping on both ears. 睡的香。
Play hooky. 旷工、旷课。   

I am the one wearing pants in the house. 我当家.  
It’s up in the air. 尚未确定。    

I am all ears. 我洗耳恭听。  
Get cold feet. 害怕做某事。    

Good for you! 好得很!   

Help me out. 帮帮我。   

Let’s bag it. 先把它搁一边。   

Lose head. 丧失理智。
Talk truly. 有话直说。
He is the pain on neck. 他真让人讨厌。   
You bet! 一定,当然!  
That is a boy! 太好了,好极了!  
It’s up to you. 由你决定。  
The line is engaged. 占线。  
My hands are full right now. 我现在很忙。   

Don’t make up a story. 不要捏造事实。  
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 小别胜新婚。  
She make a mess of things. 她把事情搞得一塌糊涂。
Get an eyeful. 看个够。    

He has a quick eye. 他的眼睛很锐利。  
Shoot the breeze. 闲谈。  
Tell me when! 随时奉陪!   

Let’s play it by ear. 让我们随兴所至。

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  • 谢文翠
    谢文翠 2011-07-15 18:59
    you know ,the embarrassing thing is that i couldn't get the right words to express myself during my lessons ! i feel frustrated ! chinese and english are fighting in my mind . maybe my spoken english is not good enough ,then the article is very imformative!
  • 小麦宝贝
    小麦宝贝 2011-07-15 22:10
    God works. 上帝的安排。  但是, God doesn't work on Sundays.
  • Peter DesC
    Peter DesC 2011-07-16 05:41
    An eclectic collection of phrases.
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    90%French also!
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    颜晓雨 2011-07-19 09:17
    谢文翠: you know ,the embarrassing thing is that i couldn't get the right words to express myself during my lessons ! i feel frustrated ! chinese and english
  • 颜晓雨
    颜晓雨 2011-07-19 09:18
    小麦宝贝: God works. 上帝的安排。  但是, God doesn't work on Sundays.
  • 颜晓雨
    颜晓雨 2011-07-19 09:18
    Peter DesC: An eclectic collection of phrases.
  • 颜晓雨
    颜晓雨 2011-07-19 09:19
    Le Perf: 90%French also!
  • 谢文翠
    谢文翠 2011-07-21 19:54