顾绍骅中国书画作品被广泛收藏(部分选辑)介绍(1998-2009年)  (2012-03-11 15:50)

Gu Shao Hua, Chinese paintings and calligraphy works are extensive collections (some selections) Introduction (1998-2009 years)
In September 1998 has been collecting Chinese art collector in Hubei works one (China, Hubei art auction house sold for "contemporary and modern Chinese painting and calligraphy works by famous auction")
Chinese Painting "People · Summer Opera"
规格:大约76×40cm    纸本设色
Size: about 76 × 40cm paper-based color
【Description】 heat of the summer work, a Pengtou the children are barefoot, basket grass adopted home, Lu-yu fat goose; fat goose snatch, little children do not give ... ....

In December 1998 by Wuhan collectors a Chinese calligraphy works (works of art auction houses in China Hubei, shoot, "contemporary and modern Chinese painting and calligraphy works by famous auction")
"Semi-cursive script ? set of four screens Yan Shu, Liu Yong, Xin Qiji verse"

规格:136×34cm×4      纸本        Size: 136 × 34cm × 4 paper
【Description】 night work west wind withered Bishu. Alone on the high-rises, Wang Jin Wandering Road; belt she does not regret becoming wide-end, in order to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated; congregation where find him hundreds of times when I look back, that person was here, and lights Bend.

Yu Wei Huangshi, Hubei Province in 2003 a collection of Chinese painting
"Pine waterfall map" mood: old pine trees tall and straight like Qiu Long, like winding mountain cliffs of stone, as the same, even the monkeys are difficult to traverse, like the waterfall curtain as if top-down, swoop to the rock, the lake seems to mirror the same Show All throughout the mountains; mountain fog transitory man clouds and fog, semi-implicit semi-exposed and deserted cover the world.

2003-2004 Chinese painting two works are "Chinese Artists Choice" (Shandong Collector) Collection
中国画人物《李白》      Chinese painting figure "Li Bai"
规格:136×68cm    纸本设色     约2003年创作
Size: 136 × 68cm paper colors created around 2003
Key to the performance of the screen is: "An elite Nengcui eyebrows bow down things? Makes me not happy Yan." Performance "Shixian" and "fairy meaning" would have to be the hero painted, "Dior flow, and ignore everything" " Xian bone, "meaning" Xian Feng "," Xian Qi "to set off.

中国画《福寿图》              Chinese Painting "Fu-map"
规格:136×68cm    纸本设色     约2003年创作
Size: 136 × 68cm paper colors created around 2003

"Fu-map" on the screen are a symbol of good luck - longevity of the paradise flycatcher (ribbon: and Sau euphony, namely: the meaning of longevity.), Peach, fruit cents (bergamot), etc..
【原诗】 献寿瑞鸟对蜜语,蓬莱硕果两累余。人间九见①百岁者,世纪更添万富局。
【Original poem】
Auspicious birds presented peach tree spoke sweet words of each other, the fruits of a lot of Penglai Fairy Mountains. Very large number of centenarians on earth, the new century has added a lot of rich situation.
 ① 九见:虚指,多见的意思。诗词释义:(为人间)献寿的吉祥鸟——绶带鸟相对着,说着甜蜜的话语;有如蓬莱仙岛的寿桃、仙果(佛手)等硕果挂满两种树的枝头。(当今盛世)人间多见百岁老人,新世纪(我国人民在党的领导下)会新添亿万个富足的局面。
① 9 See: Virtual refers to more common meaning. Poetry Interpretation: (for human) Xian Shou lucky bird - bird is relatively a ribbon, speaking sweet words; like Penglai Xiandao of peach, Sin fruit (bergamot), etc. covered with two kinds of fruit tree branches. (Now the Golden Age) more common human centenarians in the new century (the Chinese people under the leadership of the party) will be a prosperous situation of hundreds of millions of Xin Tian.

In December 2006 by "Famous Art Network" a collection of Chinese painting
Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "Few play it"

规格:100×68cm           纸本设色
Size: 100 × 68cm paper-based color
【Work instructions ? the original words】
Ping to see trees and distant hills oblivious picturesque fishing village of updates in the sunlight under the Fan Zhao were dyed. Reed on both sides of a layer to drift with the wind, a Jiang Qiu Shui Rongrong. What day light conditions in PC World. - Zhao Shi-Xia Song ? "Few play," meaning the mood

2004-2006 by Beijing Cultural Communication Center, Lung-fei "responsible person Cuiya winter collection of Chinese painting work," mountains are magic ", etc. 6
Poetic Chinese landscape painting "mountains are magic"

规格:约89×50cm    纸本设色     Size: approximately 89 × 50cm paper-based color
【Description】 works of towering mountains, red cliffs, autumn orange trees, mountain spring water on the swoop down, close-ups of distant mountains, fog to cover up ... ...; This is really "empty mountains but not people, but Wenren language sound" in Yizhenyihuan ah.

2004-2006 in October by Beijing "in Painting and Calligraphy Arts Center Arts Alliance" responsible person Liu Minghui collection of Chinese painting work, "only in his later years a quiet," and so on 4
Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "a quiet, only his old age,"
规格:136×34 cm    纸本设色
Size: 136 × 34 cm paper-based color

【作品说明·原诗】晚年唯好静,万事不关心。 松风吹解带,山月照弹琴。自顾无长策,空知返旧林。 君问穷通理,渔歌入浦深。——王维《酬张少府》诗意
Only in his later years a quiet, everything is do not care. Pine wind carrying a mountain on photo piano. No longer self-care strategy, and air back to the old forest known. Jun asked next travel science, fisherman's song deep into the pump. - Wang Wei's "reward ZHANG Shao-House" poetic

In October 2006 was Beijing's collector (who Xia) collection of Chinese calligraphy works by a
"Semi-cursive script four screens · Jiang Jinjiu"
规格:136×34cm×4    纸本
Size: 136 × 34cm × 4 paper
【Description】Do not you see the mighty Yellow River raging like pouring from the sky come from? It is to go eastward, toward the East China Sea, will never return also. Do not you see, parents are feeling the passage of time before the mirror, deep lamented that a white hair? The morning and his head is still black hair, like snow in the evening has become a general. Thus, life is still alive every time when pride should enjoy happiness, let that not bringing a Gold air-to-moon. Now that God has created me Dongliangzhicai, they will be useless, even if cleared of the thousands of taels of gold, will regain. Cooking throw sheep slaughtering much fun today reunion, and we really want to toast 300. Cenfu son, Dan Qiusheng, please do not stop drinking soon, I sing a song for you, please have a careful ear for me to listen to. In the three hundred Qiming enjoy lush luxurious life is not worth of food precious, I hope never indulge reluctant to awake. Since ancient times, sages who feels lonely, lonely, only people who can leave have always focussed on wine reputation. Chen Wang Cao Zhi-ping optimistic in the past had put on a large banquet, even if it means also a Doujiu value Shi Qian, arbitrary drink. Master ah, why did you say that money is running out, hurry to buy a wine to let us drink your fill. Pull to expensive streaky horse, daughter out of expensive fur, were all used for wine, let us work together to melt the infinite eternal never-ending worry!
In June 2006 by Taiwanese collectors Miss Zhou Hong Collection Chinese calligraphy and painting 3
"Cursive Sitiao Ping · Reminiscence"
规格:136×34 cm×4   纸本    2005年创作
Size: 136 × 34 cm × 4 paper in 2005 created

【Work instructions · Explanation】There are too many lovely flowers in the world.Tao Yuanming in Jin Dynasty loved chrysanthemum only.People have been interested in peony since Tang Dynasty.But I do like lotus that is clean even growing in the muddy pond.It is so pure, delicate and bright.The lotus is consistent, continuous and coherent deep inside. It appears to be straight, proper and honest.It gives a fantastically good smell and people could even sense its excellent smell far away.It has no unnecessary branches. It can be only appreciated distantly but not touched blasphemously.I am convinced that the chrysanthemum is a recluse while the peony is a rich and the lotus is undoubtedly the sovereign.We seldom find someone loves chrysanthemum like Tao.Who show the enthusiasm in the lotus in the same way as I do? Then who likes peony? Almost everybody!

Si Tiaobing Chinese painting "Four Seasons Luck"
规格:136×34×4cm   纸本设色    2005年创作
Size: 136 × 34 × 4cm paper colors created in 2005
猴生性聪明警觉,“侯”,是对美猴的称赞,引申为一种美。《诗经》上有“海直且侯”一句,《韩诗》解释说:“侯,美也。”转引为古代贵族爵位的第二等,所谓“公、侯、伯、子、男”中的“侯爵”。 又泛指封有爵位的地方君主,如春秋战国时期的列国诸侯。秦汉时代,封侯拜将。于是封侯使“猴”增添了一种吉祥的象征意义。
【Note】 The films were works year-round monkey, the monkey with the good news is homophonic words of the South, namely, "Four Seasons Luck" consciousness.
Smart monkey naturally alert, "Hou" is a Monkey's praise, the idea was a kind of beauty. "Book of Songs" on the "straight and Hou Hai," a, "Han Poems" explained: "Hou, the United States also." Quoted by the ancient peerage of the second and so on, so-called "public, Hou, Peter, son, male "in the" Marquis. " Also refers to letters where there is a knighthood monarchs, such as the Spring and Autumn period, far and wide on princes. Qin and Han times, Monkey on a prayer will be. Monkey then make "monkey" to add an auspicious symbol.

Chinese Flowers and Birds "Lotus Pond in Moonlight"
规格:68×136 cm    纸本设色
Size: 68 × 136 cm on paper-based color
【作品说明】本作品是取自朱自清的《荷塘月色》意境: “出污泥而不染,濯清涟而不妖”表现出靛蓝下夜间的荷塘,荷叶的世界,莲花的海洋,荷叶上晶莹剔透的小水滴,被月色“染成”金黄,被微风摇晃着;莲花开了,姿态各异,有伸展艳丽、如舞霓裳的,含苞待放的或“半遮琵琶半遮面”的;“我喜欢,旁边的真实的粉红,那是一种清新亲切的真实,晚开的花,总是最晚绽放最美,真实的粉红色,并不是与众不同,只是这种真实总是短暂,瞬间就会消失,所以珍贵。”最后,水中的月光,荡漾着金黄色——高贵的色彩。
【Note】 The works are works of Zhu Ziqing from the "Lotus Pond in Moonlight" mood: "out of mud, but not dyed, Zhuo-Qing Lian without demon" to show the next night Hawthorn Indigo, the leaves of the world, the lotus of the ocean, crystal clear water droplets on a lotus leaf, was the moonlight, "stained" Golden, was shaken with the breeze; Lotus opened, gestures vary, there are gorgeous stretch, such as the dance Colorful, the bud, or "half-half cover Pipa concealed "in;" I like it, next to the real pink, it is a kind of real fresh, late opening of the flowers, always last to bloom the most beautiful, true pink, not different, only that kinds of truth are always brief, moment will disappear, so precious. "Finally, the water, moonlight, waves a golden yellow - noble color.

In January 2008 in Guangzhou collectors were broken calligraphy 1
A variety of calligraphy calligraphy, "Chinese Medical Science and Technology Park"...

【Note】 a variety of calligraphy works by a combination of body calligraphy title plaque is different from the broken body of Chinese Calligraphy in general, should it be more stringent; broken calligraphy inscription issues to consider are the following points: 1, to consider the overall - can not all be broken, because the plaque to be solemn, serious, Taiga, etc.; put it plainly, the book does not jump between the body is too large, but if the "broken body" 2, to consider the nature of classical Chinese - Chinese medicine, and culture "Ko Ko" sex is well known ( "earth" are known), therefore, choose "material", pen and Italy also need to "Ko Ko." 3, based on the above requirements, I use the word, pens preferred Source: Oracle 3, Tai Yu-ting, scattered disk, Maogong Ding, Ancient Proses on Stones, the ancient scribe, etc.
其特点:是作者在真(楷书又称正书,或称真书。又分有“欧体“(欧阳询)、“虞体”(虞世南)、“颜体”(颜真卿)、“柳体”(柳公权)、“赵体“(赵孟頫)等。 )、草(章草、今草、狂草),篆(大篆:甲骨文(商字)、金文(周字)石鼓文,小篆:),隶(古隶 、今隶、秦隶、汉隶、佐书 、八分、草隶、魏隶 )、行(行草、行楷)等“比较字体”中根据自己的学识、修养、审美取向等等的再创造;同时,他又是“集字”取历代名家中其长处,取众家之长而自出新意——集成自己之品貌,任意发挥,洒脱自如,中宫紧缩、章法匀称,行距适中,笔法穷极精密,转换多姿,有放纵倾侧之态。他的悬手书是自幼练成的,所以才能如此颐指气使,纵横如意。这种写法人称顾氏“破体书法”。 ( )
Gu, "a combination of a variety of body calligraphy calligraphy" creation tips
To take care of the whole: The overall style is a big break, small broken body, is divided into the "head and tail echo-style", "in Lu-style", "occasional";
Focus on key: In the writing style is divided are: rough heroic or hung strong handsome graceful lyricism or Chuchudongren, or a combination of more.
Its characteristics: It is true the author (regular script is also known as the book, or really the book. Is divided into a "European body" (Ouyang Xun), "Yu body" (Yu Shinan), "Yan style" (Yen Chen-ching), "Liu body" (Liu Gongquan), "Zhao body" (Zhao Meng-fu), etc..), grass (Zhang Cao, this grass, Cursive), Fragrance (Large Seal Script: Oracle (commercial character), Jin (Zhou words) Ancient Proses on Stones, Xiaozhuan:), scribe (ancient scribe, this scribe, scribe Qin, Han Li, Zuo-books, eight, grass scribe, Wei le monde), OK (Cursive, Xing Kai), etc. "Compare fonts" in accordance with their own knowledge, self-cultivation, re-creation of the aesthetic orientation, etc. ; the same time, he is also "set the word" take the ancient masters, their strengths, take public homes long while since a novelty - Integration of the Pin Mao himself, any play, joy and ease, the Palace of tightening, the rules symmetry, line spacing, moderate, strokes poor high-precision, conversion and diverse, there is indulgence tilting of the state. His writing was hanging practiced since childhood, it can be so insufferably arrogant, vertical and horizontal wishful. The wording of Gu called "multi-body combination of calligraphy calligraphy."
In March 2009 by Mr. Wu Runquan Wuhan Collection of Chinese Painting 3
Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "Three Gorges New Green"
【Description · Self-poetry works】
The spring on the hillside back to the Three Gorges, the Yangtze River water, stirring another vortex deep; new waves pushed the old fishing boat and the waves beat the cliff, then the green landscape from the ancient times, ah.
Xiajiang both sides of the cliff once again the talk of spring, then plant Lvyin Yin "Fat Man" (growth) of cross-strait; Yangtze River water swirling stream, swift current also unpredictable, the Yangtze River water is always pushed forward after the waves the waves beat vibration with the ship's rail and coastal cliffs On; the green fairy is all rendered out of ancient times, we have to protect the environment for future generations ah!
规格:136×68㎝   纸本设色    创作年代:2008年11月
Size: 136 × 68 cm paper-based color creation's: November 2008

 Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "Shan New Green"
【Original poem】
Village primary school very early, where the teachers are local, he has in mind for the home to contribute to education; "chisel wall Jieguang" story will not happen today, we learned from ancient times had a beautiful environment, we must be protected.
In the "mountains, Mao-tree-lined sea" mountain in the morning of the primary and secondary schools, the rural teachers are "returning" college students and schoolchildren has deep feelings for the poor students of ancient Kuangheng "chisel wall Jieguang" Now a new school for the "9 year compulsory education "and to build, so the students no longer have to" dig Jieguang wall "type of learning a; that green ecology is only since ancient times," people have changed "We want to study hard and learn the spirit of the ancients, and to protect the ancient has left us with precious natural resources.

 规格:136×68㎝   纸本设色    创作年代:2008年11月
Size: 136 × 68 cm paper-based color creation's: November 2008

Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "Autumn"

【Original poem】
Luoyang City, the next three dividends securinine, red leaves, autumn deep heavy dew. Sigh, for this late autumn, Yiyun, the deep, for this autumn; what to write? You want. Until the leaves send, they send with whom? Look at the foot of flowing water, you want to, you send with water bar. unimpeded Autumn Creek, flowing from the stream rockery, chemical Rugong River, a red leaves, drifting into the water, away, away ......--- --- Don ? Xu Ning, "Yang Hongye on the" poetic
规格:68×136㎝     纸本设色             2008年10月创作
Size: 68 × 136 cm paper colors in October 2008 created

In July 2009 by Mr. Li Jianqiang Wuhan, a collection of Chinese painting
Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "Wild Red Leaf"

【Description · Self-poetry works】
Birds know as early as ground flying habits, the forest should be easy to fall dress; red-orange yellow-green green blue-violet, leaves and flowers of knowledge world-tim feats.
【赏析】(高飞的)野鸟知道(每天)早起,勤奋地进行飞翔练习;山中的树林适应着秋天季节而将自己的“时装”变换成——“红、橙、黄、绿、青、蓝、紫”的多姿多彩、绚烂艳丽……;树叶、花儿也认识当今是盛世而频频添加伟绩—— 29届奥运会成功的举办,“神七”的太空行走……。
(Goofy's) wild birds know the (daily) to get up early, hard to carry out flying exercises; the mountain in the woods to adapt to the autumn season will be their own "fashion" transform into - "red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple, "the colorful, dazzling bright ... ...; leaves, flowers also recognized that today is a flourishing and frequently add the feats - 29 th Olympic Games will be held," God seven "space walk ... ....
规格:100cm×53cm    纸本设色  创作年代:2008年11月
Size: 100cm × 53cm paper-based color creation's: November 2008

In September 2009 was a collector of Wuhan collection of Chinese painting one
Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "white-haired fish-chiu islet on the river"
【Original words】
Rolling in the Yangtze River East PASSING, spray 淘尽 hero. Success or failure of rotor of non-empty. Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns. Yue-Qiao Jiang Nagisa white hair on the moon used to look at the spring breeze. A pot of liquor Happy Encounter. The number of things past and present, have to pay jokes (the Ming Dynasty ? Yang Shen's "Lin Jiangxian" poetic).
【赏析】本画采用“云青青兮欲雨、水淡淡兮生烟” 的“小青绿山水”画法,画面中:只见群峰突起,夕阳的余辉,将一座座山峰染成赫色。紧接着,雾霭泛起,乳白的纱把重山间隔起来,只剩下青色的峰尖,笔墨清爽、疏密有致。那滔滔的江水、那渔歌唱晚、响穷彭蠡之滨与密林发出“梆、梆、梆……”砍樵声相互交错,组成分外壮美的历史长歌。在浩瀚历史长河中经历过血与火的熔炼,凝聚着华夏儿女的无穷智慧。
The paintings adopt the "green Come To the rain clouds, water, hygiene Xi faint smoke" and "little green landscape" painting, screen: I saw peaks protruding sunset afterglow, would be a mountain peaks He dyed colors. Shortly afterward, the mist thrown up, Opal yarn intervals up to mountains, leaving only blue of Feng Jian, the works fresh, density has caused. That the surging river, that singing fish late, poor sound and the jungle coast of Peng calabash issued a "bang, bang, bang ... ..." cutting firewood sound intertwined to form a long history of exceptionally magnificent song. In the vast span of history gone through blood and fire, melting, crystallization of the infinite wisdom of the sons and daughters.

规格:68×136cm   纸本设色 2007年创作
Size: 68 × 136cm paper colors created in 2007
July 2009 "to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the National Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition," the organizing committee a collection of Chinese painting
Chinese painting work, "known to the Taoyuan Village," took part in a well-off public funds by the Ministry of Culture of China, the World Association of Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy and painting the Ministry of Culture reported that consumer Daily, Fortune Magazine and collection, the Chinese People's Fine Arts Network and other units jointly organized by the " to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the National Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition ", the" Gold Award "a collection of their works.
【Description】 Chinese landscape poetry, works of art - "know the Taoyuan Village"
【Original poem】
Was removed by too many who came to the beautiful peaceful mountains, only to see many, many rivers flowing around the Castle Peak. Qin Dynasty who has entered the clouds, surrounded by mountains and gone, oh, know that they are to the "Peach" This place ah. - Don ? money to "Poetic Lam Tin River"

规格:136×68 cm    纸本设色          2009年创作
Size: 136 × 68 cm paper colors created in 2009

【作品说明】  破体书法:《广通四海 宇运恒昌》     规格:195×45 cm    纸本
A combination of a variety of body calligraphy calligraphy: "Yu-Yun Hengchang Guangtong seas" Size: 195 × 45 cm paper
This work is based in cursive, running script, Seal Script (Tai Yue Ding) on combination of them "well, transportation, Heng, Chang" as the Semi-cursive script, "pass, the sea" as the cursive, "four" as the Seal Script (large Meng Ding) , "yu" for Xing Kai; as a whole appears to shades of white, large-scale symmetry, Qiyun vivid, small broken body of writing - called Gu, "a combination of a variety of body calligraphy calligraphy" calligraphy.
Features: Not only is "a combination of a variety of body calligraphy calligraphy", but also understanding, can understand. Most people do not know calligraphy. Together with the text title of Mr., is complementary Oh!
【Description】 Chinese landscape poetry, works of art - "smooth sailing"
规格: 68×136cm    纸本设色
Size: 68 × 136cm paper-based color

【Original poem】
August inside the Yangtze skies, lots and lots of sailing, are gone with the wind makes the boat light. No time is too close to where the sun is the day, Where is the water color, Dongting Lake in Yueyang City of the south. ——Don ? Cui Jiqing "Wang Ching-Jiang Qiu," poetic

Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "Spring Breeze"
【作品说明·原诗】春风先发苑中梅,樱杏桃梨次第开。 荠花榆荚深村里,亦道春风为我来。------唐?白居易《春风》诗意
【works Note · original poem】Spring pre-emptive Court in plum, cherry apricot pear sequential open. Water chestnut flower pods deep elm village, also know spring is me. ------ Don ? Bai Ju-yi, "Spring Breeze" poetic

规格:68×136㎝     纸本设色             2008年10月创作
Size: 68 × 136 cm paper colors in October 2008 created

November 2009 Beijing, Miss Xu Jing-breaking body of work of calligraphy collection 2


【作品说明】《志在高山 瀞如止水》规格:195×45 cm ×2幅   纸本
"Ching-Chi in the high mountains, such as sealing," Size: 195 × 45 cm × 2 Fu paper
Works as a whole seeks to beautiful, Qingxin, the atmosphere. Work days from the day God made God Prophecy hair (fiber) monument, Ancient Proses on Stones, Maogong Ding, Han Li, cursive, etc. composition; the other one plus there is a word meaning Oracle and Clementi, the overall effect of simplicity to the public yet lively, Smart to the public yet dignified, such as Xingyunliushui, but also dry wet with degrees, all in one.


Poetic Chinese landscape painting - "Hermit"

规格:68×47 cm    纸本设色
Size: 68 × 47 cm paper-based color
【works Note · original poem】
Mr. has been moral, streets and marketplaces have shelter. Save the sick on their own drugs, and people get more money. Asked older indefinite, mass Act is non-truth. Every see neighbors said, when you hear so that ghosts and spirits. - Don ? Zhang Ji, "hermit" poetic

鸣谢:非常感谢中国国家文化部、中央媒体(人民日报、人民教育出版社、国际商报、中国亚太经济发展研究中心等)及北京众多的艺术部门、社团的负责人、编辑老师们;外国的“Alborques - Online Gallery” 艺术网、“vanarte”艺术网、“Art Gallery”艺术网、英国的萨奇画廊网、英国的《艺术的世界》杂志;福建的张传猛先生和众多的收藏家们给我的长期鼓励与支持,可以说没有他们的热情鼓励与支持就没有我的发展;我在此向您们深深的鞠上一躬,衷心地说声“谢谢啦”!
Acknowledgments: Many thanks to China's Ministry of Culture, the central media (People's Daily, People's Education Press, International Business Daily, China's economic development in the Asia-Pacific Research Center, etc.) and Beijing numerous art department in charge of societies, editors teachers; foreign "Alborques - Online Gallery" Art Network, "vanarte" Art Network, "Art Gallery" Art Network, Britain's Saatchi Gallery Network, the British "art world" magazine; Fujian Province Mr. Zhang Zhuanmeng and many collectors have given to me The long-term encouragement and support, can be said without their enthusiastic encouragement and support of the development would not I; I take this opportunity to you on their deep Ju Yi Gong, and sincerely say "thank you"!
Gu Shao-hua on November 16, 2009 order


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