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分享卡地亚磅礴史诗微电影。(此短片时长3.5,分钟绚烂) New Cartier film  (2012-03-05 10:23)

快看卡地亚(Cartier)耗时2年制作的微电影“卡地亚的奥德赛”,极尽绚烂奢华。此短片时长3.5分钟,由法国著名的鬼才导演Bruno Aveillan率50多人的团队打造,以庆祝卡地亚165周年。片中的美洲豹仿佛力量与自由的象征,冲破藩篱一路奔跑,最后抵达巴黎大皇宫。

每一幀都是上品。[good] L'Odyssée de Cartier 2012 ,法國導演Bruno Aveillan,之前LV的廣告片就讓我印象深刻。Source comments 卡地亚的相关微博 - 新浪微
发现卡地亚的新电影,梦想与现实之间的旅程。对于第一次,卡地亚已决定创建一个电影史诗,它的历史,它的价值观和灵感,其艺术性和普遍范围为重点。由法国商业导演布鲁诺Aveillan执导,“欧莱雅ODYSSEE卡地亚”是一个国际性的幻想乘坐凝结成一个百年难遇的3.5分钟的现场卡地亚165年的历史。商业打开一个显示在卡地亚的商店橱窗上的珠光宝气黑豹在一个安静的夜巴黎13的Rue de la Paix酒店外。一切似乎还算正常,直到一束光线照射在打破豹大衣的钻石,在耀眼的解放显示,在我们的猫打破从俄罗斯到雪载货街道的豪华栖息地的英雄高潮。为了不给走太多的“奥德赛”,才知道,卡地亚标志性的豹使得很好,什么发生在这些国家是绝对值得一看到自己停在中国和印度,但它应该肯定可以注意到,Aveillan做一个辉煌工作无缝地编织在一起首饰房子的特许权使用费和豪华的历史。电影拍摄的地点包括布拉格,西班牙,白云岩,和巴黎,在那里豹在卡地亚专卖店13的Rue de la Paix酒店拍摄,而且还包括CG休闲活动的地点在俄罗斯,中国和印度。
L'Odyssée Cartier
Discover the new Cartier film, a journey between dream and reality. For the very first time, Cartier has decided to create a cinema epic focusing on its history, its values and inspiration, its artistic and universal scope. Helmed by the French commercial director Bruno Aveillan, “L’Odyssée de Cartier” is an international fantasy ride condensing Cartier’s 165-year history into a 3.5-minute spot of epic proportions. The commercial opens on a quiet Parisian night outside 13 rue de la Paix with a bejeweled panther on display in Cartier’s shop window. All seems fairly normal until a beam of light shines in and shatters the panther’s coat of diamonds in a dazzling display of liberation that culminates in our feline hero breaking free from its lavish habitat onto a snow laden street in Russia. So as not to give away too much of the odyssey, just know that Cartier’s iconic panther makes stops in China and India as well–what happens in those countries is definitely worth seeing for yourself, but it should definitely be noted that Aveillan does a brilliant job of seamlessly weaving together the jewelry house’s history of royalty and luxury. The film was shot in locations including Prague, Spain, the Dolomites, and Paris, where the panthers were filmed at the Cartier store at 13 Rue de la Paix, and also includes CG recreations of locations in Russia, China, and India.

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