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老外也爱画国画  (2014-11-03 17:50)


下面发表的这篇文章是我的八年级中文班学生给校报的投稿,介绍了外语周的中国文化活动 中国水墨画, 配上那天两个班学生的部分创作,在初中部的网页上刊出,煞是吸人眼球,新鲜夺目。特此跟大家分享:



Languages Week - Chinese Calligraphy Painting


One of the oldest artistic traditions in the world is Chinese Painting. Using a Calligraphy Brush, Black / Coloured Ink and assorted paper / silk materials. On Tuesday the 26th of August during Period 2, the two Chinese classes were given the opportunity to experience this ancient art.


Initiating the lesson we received a beautiful performance from our instructor on the Hulusi (葫芦丝)or Cucurbit Flute. This wind instrument was played in Yunnan Province among the Dai and other different minority groups in Southern China. Its name originates from the words hulu and si meaning Gourd Silk and projects a Clarinet / Oboe like sound.


Next we moved onto Chinese Painting where we selected a painting design and practised using the brushes on a plain piece of paper before printing our design onto special Paper. There were five different subjects to choose from Shan Shui (山水)– Landscape painting, Ren Wu (人物)- figure painting, Quin Shou (禽兽)– animals, Hua Hui (花卉)– flowers / blossoms and Hua Niao (花鸟)- mixture of flowers / birds. The brush painting was difficult, determining the different stroke sizes and just the right amount of ink but the experience was unquestionably amazing. Learning more about the Chinese culture has helped me gain a better insight into the Chinese people and their traditions.  


By Samantha Robison

Year 8


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